Runner Letter

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Thank you so much for volunteering to be a Runner for the Jr High Ministry! Your service is an essential part of the success of our events. This document will contain the expectations and the practical steps that we will take to ensure everyone's success.


You Are Not in the Jr High

You are no longer a Jr High student. We desire to see mature behavior that models a maturing High School student. Additionally, we don't want the behavior and attitude of the runners to be something that gets in the way of our ability to minister to the Jr High. Please be a blessing, not someone we need to babysit!

Behavior Concerns:

  • Boy/Girl conduct
  • Conduct and attitude around Jr High
  • Respect towards leadership

You Are Not counselors

Runners will not be counseling Jr High kids. It will be the role of the runner to ensure that the event "runs" smoothly, with your main focus being setting up, cleaning up, and event maintenance. The counselors will handle the ins and outs of dealing with the kids. It will be the job of the Runners to free up the counselors to focus on the Jr High students.

A Heart to Serve

You may not be the strongest, fastest, or most focused worker; we're ok with that! All we ask is that you come with heart and attitude to serve. Remember, we are doing this all for the Lord, not for man (Colossians 3:23) - this is mindset everyone involved needs to have.

We won't drive you into the ground

We get it; you're teenage volunteers, we will not overwork you. All we ask is that you to work as hard as you can.


Treated with respect

Don't worry! We will not be treating you like Cinderella. You won't be the doormat of the event. Runners will receive grace, courtesy, and respect. We value you! It is our desire to invest in you guys and help you grow in your walks with Jesus and as men and women.

A Consistent Chain of Command

You will not have 100 bosses yelling different commands at you the whole event. You will answer to Nate. In the case of bigger events (i.e. Camp and The Hunt) a couple of other leaders who we will identify to you at the onset. Please don't be disrespectful or discourteous to other counselors, only know that you're in the right if you follow the chain of command.

At Camp and The Hunt

We will be scheduling and assigning runner's shifts into "sprints." This means you will work for an hour, then have an hour off. These sprints will allow you to retain focus and stamina. If there's nothing for you to do you can be off - as assigned by Nate or the appointed leaders.

All Events Camp and The Hunt are the only two events where there will be shifts. For rest of the events, we ask the runners arrive an hour before the scheduled drop off time (for the kids) and stay a half hour after the pickup time - to help tidy things up. During the event, you will either be asked to referee, keep score, set up tables, or whatever is necessary to make sure the event runs smoothly. Always be looking for ways to jump in and make the event better.

To Have A Blast

We want serving in the Jr High to be and amazing time for you! We love you and value you more than you know! If you come in with a good attitude and heart wanting to serve the Lord, we are confident you will have a great time! If you have read this and have any questions, please contact me.

I'm excited to have you on board for the summer as we serve Jesus together!